Celebrate St. David's Day with Cygnet Gin



St. David's Day, commemorated annually on March 1st, holds profound cultural significance for the people of Wales, and at Cygnet Gin, we embrace this tradition as a Welsh hand-crafted gin.

The Origins of St. David’s Day St. David's Day dates back to the 6th century when Saint David, also known as Dewi Sant in Welsh, established a monastic community in what is now St. David's, Pembrokeshire. Renowned for his piety and miraculous deeds, Saint David played a pivotal role in spreading Christianity throughout Wales.

Legend has it that Saint David performed numerous miracles: his most famous miracle occurred during a battle when he advised Welsh soldiers to wear leeks in their helmets, leading to victory and making the leek a symbol of Wales. 

Customs of St. David’s Day

Welsh traditions are deeply ingrained in the celebration of St. David's Day. People don traditional Welsh costumes, adorned with symbols of national pride like the daffodil and the leek. Festivities include attending Eisteddfodau, traditional Welsh festivals celebrating literature, music, and performance arts.


How you can get involved in St. David’s Day

Fancy celebrating St. David's Day with us here at Cygnet? It’s easier than you think, and you can take part in various activities that pay homage to Welsh culture and traditions. 

One of our favourite traditions is cooking traditional Welsh cuisine, such as cawl (a hearty soup), Welsh rarebit (a savory cheese toast), and bara brith (a fruitcake). 

And if you really want to take St. David’s Day further, you can support local Welsh businesses, artisans, and artists by purchasing Welsh-made products, such as Cygnet Gin.

To round of St. David's Day (or kick it off!) why not make a Cygnet Gin cocktail. We would recommend the Cygnet Welsh Zest or a Cygnet Floradora to bring the celebration to this special day.

Cygnet Welsh Zest