Cygnet 22 Wins ‘Best Glass Design’

We are delighted to announce that Cygnet 22 was awarded in the category of ‘Best Glass Design’ at the 2023 World Beverage Innovation Awards, alongside being commended for The Best Alcohol Beverage for Cygnet 22.

In their 21st year, the World Beverage Innovation Awards recognise beverage brands across the globe. The awards ceremony was held at BrauBeviale on 28th November, with a panel of expert judges recognising the top innovators in the drinks and beverage industry.

This award is incredibly significant for Cygnet, as Katherine has expressed before how she wanted to break the mould and strive for excellence with Cygnet’s design. Cygnet, as a female-owned brand, is on its way to breaking the ‘glass’ ceiling with its ‘glass’ bottle design. The excellence of the design communicates the idea that women (who make up the majority of gin consumers) deserve nothing but the best.

Cygnet 22 is presented in a beautiful hand-blown bottle using 50% lighter glass to reduce our carbon footprint. It is truly eye catching and stands in its own class when on a back bar or shelf. The bottle has been designed to be repurposed into a vase, candle holder, oil dispenser and more and is printed with organic ink that can be washed off.

At approximately 400g, the lightweight Cygnet 22 bottle weighs up to 50% less than the average spirits bottle meaning it requires less raw materials to produce and less energy to transport. Cygnet is committed to being a sustainable brand. In addition to being recyclable and refillable, the Cygnet 22 bottle-for-life is also designed with re-use at its heart, encouraging consumers to upcycle it as a water carafe or striking single stem vase. The dragon, the symbol of Wales, is incorporated on both bottles and Cygnet Welsh Dry Gin is also decorated with white daffodils, the national flower of Wales.