Cygnet Gin Sustainability Committment

The beauty of our world deserves protection.

Shaking Up The Industry

At Cygnet we recognise that spirits production is an energy-heavy and water-intensive process. We are fully committed to understanding, and reducing, the impact our gin has on the planet.

At Cygnet sustainability isn't just a goal, it's a promise we're dedicated to keeping.

The Cygnet Bottle

Working closely with influential designer Eric Villency, we've crafted purposeful packaging that combines elegance with functionality, whilst further reducing our carbon footprint.

The award winning sleek Cygnet 22, weighs up to 50% less than the average spirits bottle, reducing raw materials and energy requirements.

Both Cygnet Welsh Dry Gin and Cygnet 22 bottles are plastic-free. We use a 100% biodegradable seal made from wood pulp in Wales, thereby avoiding the use of paper and adhesive.

Designed to Repurpose

In addition to being plastic-free, recyclable and refillable, our award-winning bottles are designed with upcycling in mind, encouraging reuse as water carafes or vases, embodying our brand ethos of regeneration and sustainability.

The bottles are screen printed using environmentally friendly and organic ink which is wash-away, to ensure future reuse without barriers.

Our Ingredients

We use the purest Welsh water in Cygnet Gin along with the finest botanicals.

Our botanicals are responsibly sourced and of the highest-quality which combine with our UK sourced neutral grain-spirit, resulting in unparalleled flavour and finish.

Committed To The Future

We are conscious that this is only the beginning of our sustainability journey, but this is a commitment we take seriously.

"I’m pragmatic and recognize that these goals will take time but it’s important to me personally that we stay on that path until the end.”

Katherine Jenkins