Cygnet Gin Cocktails

Explore your creativity and toast your success, with handpicked cocktails by Cygnet's mixologists.

Cygnet 22 Bees Knees

Cirtus sunshine in a glass
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Welsh Rose Spritz

A light and floral spritz for summer
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C, G & T

Delight guests with a citrus twist on a classic G&T
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Cygnet 22

In the case of Cygnet 22, less can mean more. Simply serve on the rocks

Cygnet Rosemary Twist

Simple, refreshing, and light.
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Cygnet Floradora

Pink & bubbly, the Floradora lives up to its Broadway origins.
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Cygnet 22 75

Shake to success. The perfect way to start a dinner party.
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Cygnet Welsh Zest

Sophisticated, refreshing and unforgettable.
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