Experience Festival Luxury: Cygnet Gin and Camp Kerala Unite for an Unforgettable Weekend

If you're one of the few waking up in Camp Kerala this weekend? Lucky duck—or should we say swan?!

Those attending this weekend's biggest music festival in the UK as residents of CK will indulge in luxury with Cygnet Gin. As we bring an exquisite touch to their incredible festival experience, ensuring every moment is as magical as it is memorable.

Camp Kerala, renowned for its unrivalled opulence, offers guests a haven of luxury amidst the festival fervour. Picture this: starting your day with a rejuvenating session at the pamper parlour spa, followed by a sumptuous breakfast prepared by world-class chefs. Throughout the day, guests find themselves immersed in an oasis of comfort and style, with plush accommodations, gourmet feasts, and an atmosphere designed to cater to your every whim.

And what's a festival without the perfect drink in hand? Cygnet Gin's award-winning cocktails are the ideal companions as you soak in the splendour of Camp Kerala. Whether you're lounging in the deluxe tents, enjoying the exclusive amenities, or mingling with fellow festival-goers, Cygnet Gin elevates every experience with its refined flavours and sophisticated appeal.

For those unable to secure a sleep at Camp Kerala Cygnet Gin has you covered, if your camping in the back garden, or watching the music from the comfort of a sofa this weekend pop open a luxurious can of Cygnet Gin & Tonic, perfectly chilled and get swept away to the tunes.