Cygnet Gin in partnership with the Culinary Association of Wales

Cygnet Gin proudly announces our founder, Katherine Jenkins, OBE, as Ambassador for the Culinary Association of Wales, revealed by Arwyn Watkins, OBE, president of the Culinary Association of Wales, in a recent discussion. 

As a proud sponsor of Culinary Association of Wales, Cygnet Gin will present a three courses competition at the 2025 Welsh International Culinary Championships, inviting chefs to craft delectable pescatarian and dairy-free menus, highlighting the versatility of our award winning Cygnet Gin. Join us for this gastronomic journey!

Access the full conversation between Katherine and Arwyn covering the journey to the 2026 World Chef Expo, marking the first time this esteemed culinary event will grace UK shores in the link below.

Watch Here: