Celebrate World Refill Day with Cygnet Gin: Embrace Sustainability and Elegance

World Refill Day on 16th June is more than just a date; it’s a movement dedicated to preventing plastic pollution and encouraging sustainable living. As part of this global initiative, we have the power to inspire businesses, brands, and governments to take decisive action on plastic waste. Our collective effort to embrace reuse sends a powerful message: together, we can protect our environment, oceans, and communities for future generations.

Announcing Cygnet Gin Pouches

In celebration of World Refill Day, we're excited to introduce our Cygnet Gin pouches for Cygnet Welsh Dry Gin and Cygnet 22. These eco-friendly pouches make refilling your award-winning Cygnet bottles simple and sustainable, reducing carbon emissions and giving your bottles a second life.

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Repurpose Your Cygnet Gin Bottles

Our elegantly designed Cygnet Gin bottles are perfect for repurposing in creative ways. Printed with organic removable ink, the bottles can be easily cleaned for a crystal-clear finish. Here are some inspired ideas:

  1. Water Carafes: Perfect for serving refreshment at the dining table
  2. Oil & Vinaigrette Bottles: Sophisticated design for kitchen counter 
  3. Candle Holders: Create at home elegance and atmosphere as the candle sits in the neck of one of our bottles
  4. Single Stem Vases: Ideal for minimalist flower arrangement
  5. Diffuser Bottles: Add reeds and essential oils for a homemade diffuser using extra long reeds in the base of the bottle or standard length in a Cygnet 22

How to Repurpose

To remove the label, soak the bottle in warm, soapy water for 30 minutes. Gently wash off the organic ink with a sponge until it dissolves. For stubborn areas, use a bit of baking soda mixed with water to create a paste and scrub gently. Once clean, rinse the bottle thoroughly and let it dry before repurposing it.

By choosing to refill and repurpose, you’re not only reducing waste but also adding a unique, sustainable touch to your home. Join us this World Refill Day and make a difference with Cygnet Gin.

 Let’s show the world that small changes can add up to a big impact. Cheers to a more sustainable future!